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Vipeak Heavy mining equipment processing performance highlights the hard quartz stone

Quartz stone industry in China to have a qualitative leap, must have capital and raw material production capacity. High-quality quartz companies must build their own zone of quartz sands, and quartz sand must have a large processing capacity, coupled with strong product development capabilities, to achieve large scale quartz establishment and growth of enterprises.
As we all know, crushing quartz ore processing or use to the crusher mill, in the processing of quartz stone materials, wear parts for the equipment is a great investment. Equipment, the use of wear-resistant parts, determine the device performance.
To quartz, for example, crystalline silica quartz stone is the hardest one of the most stable minerals. Feldspar is crystalline aluminum silicate, quartz is slightly lower than the strength and stability, and easy to wind into kaolin. Mica crystal stone, aluminum silicate sheet of water. Easily split into thin sheets of mica, when the rock contains large amounts of mica, the rock will reduce the durability and strength. Amphibole, pyroxene, olivine crystals are iron, magnesium silicate, these types of rock-forming minerals, high strength, and sturdy, durable and toughness. Crystallization of calcium carbonate as calcite, medium strength, is the crystallization of calcium carbonate, dolomite, magnesium salts, the intensity is slightly higher. To get the best materials processed products, and to save investment costs, select the correct configuration suitable equipment, ore processing enterprises as the main key issues to consider when investing. Vico Heavy mining machinery and equipment manufacturers, as has also been pouring equipment manufacturing professional, dedicated, user convenience mission.
Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of large and medium-sized series crushers, sand making machine, milling machine mining equipment business, the company set 24 years experience in equipment, the introduction of the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries of advanced technology and process, the establishment of international advanced production lines and first-class modern testing base, R & D produced a number of design and craftsmanship and milling of crushing and screening equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact system sand machine, Raymond mill, mobile crushing plant and other medium-sized equipment. Model complete, fully configured, tailored to customers exclusive product lines to meet customer's various process requirements. Vico Heavy Series industrial mill, processing equipment, mining equipment, mine owners have become the preferred set up engineering equipment manufacturers choose.

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