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Crusher motor common faults and maintenance

Crusher in the course because of motor failure often affect production, the main symptoms are:
1 stator and rotor core troubleshooting
Stator and rotor are all mutually insulated by the silicon quartet built, is part of the motor magnetic circuit. Stator and rotor core damage and deformation mainly by the following reasons
① bearing assembly excessive wear or poor, resulting in the stator and rotor phase rub the surface to core damage, and cause short circuits between the silicon steel, motor iron loss increases, the motor temperature is too high. Then the application file and other small tools to remove burrs, eliminating short silicon steel, coated with insulating paint to clean up after, and heating and drying.
② Remove the old winding when the force is too large, the Pirates of the slot skew and stretch out. At this point the application needle nose pliers, wood hammer and other tools to repair, reset the bad teeth and bad reset the gap between the silicon steel by adding green shell paper, wood and other hard rubber insulation materials.
③ due to other causes of damp core surface corrosion. At this point required a clean sanding, cleaning coated with insulating paint.
④ burning heat generated around the core group of bad ground or tooth. Available tools such as chisels or scraper to remove deposited material clean, coated with insulating paint drying.
⑤ between the core and base with loose, old screw can be tightened. If the screw failure, can be positioned at the base station re-drill and tap holes, tighten the screws. 2 Bearing Troubleshooting
Rotating shaft supported by bearings, is the most important part of the load, but also easy to wear and tear parts.
① Troubleshooting
Check the operation;
Rolling in oil, you will hear "Gulugulu" sound; If you hear discontinuous "stalk stalk" of sound, may be bearing steel ring rupture. Bearing sand and other debris mixed with mild wear or bearing components, it will produce a slight noise.
Inspection after the demolition;
First look at the bearing rolling elements, inside and outside the steel ring for damage, corrosion, scars, etc., and hand and hold the bearing inner ring, and to settle bearings, pushing the other hand just outside the circle, if the bearing is good to be outside the rim smooth rotation, rotating without vibration and obvious cable wiring, the outer rim is not stalling regression. Otherwise it has not re-use the bearings. Stuck his left hand outer, right hand and hold within the rim, push hard in all directions, if the push to feel very loose, that is badly worn.
② troubleshooting
The outer surface of the bearing 00 can be used sandpaper rust erase, and then placed in clean gasoline; or bearing cracks, inside and outside the ring fragmentation or excessive bearing wear, should be replaced with new bearings. Replaced with new bearings, you should use the same model with the original bearings.
3 shaft Troubleshooting
① axis bending;
If you do not bend, can be polished journal, the method of slip ring repair; if bent more than 0.2mm, the shaft can be put in the press, in making the bend pressure correction, after correction of the axis surface machining with a lathe polished; if bent too much, you need the other ones axis.
② journal wear and tear;
Journal wear is not, it would be a layer of chrome plating on the journal, and then grinding to the desired size; more wear and tear, may be surfacing in the journal, to the cutting lathe polished; if excessive wear journal large, the journal also turning 2-3mm, then car for a sleeve, hot on the sets of the journal, and then turning to the desired size.

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