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Vipeak mechinery technological innovation to meet the development needs of China's mineral resources

  As industrialization and urbanization accelerates, China's increasing demand for mineral resources, exploration of new resources for this urgent need to develop comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. The face of continued high commodity prices and multinational mining companies "oligopoly" of the new situation of growing resources, China's iron ore supply has become passive, its source or domestic reserve resources. "Five" is the change in mode of development of national five-year, the state the opportunity to adjust our opportunity to adjust.
All along, China mining machinery industry's technological base is not thick, and mining machinery sector has been the market for technology as a way to improve the level of product technology is not contrast, the moment will have to face foreign competitors, especially foreign competitors in domestic investments and the grim situation. Thus, the domestic mining machinery companies were forced to gradually innovation inspire.
Today, medium-sized mining machinery manufacturing enterprises have a single product design department design and process equipment design features, thus avoiding the manufacture and use of out of touch, and within the enterprise will form a new product to promote technology development, to research new technology to promote a virtuous cycle of product development, easier to adapt to today's large-scale mining machinery, and automation and intelligent continuous trends.
As a manufacturer of mining machinery industry, Vipeak Heavy Industry design department has a stand-alone product design and process equipment design capabilities to research new technology to promote a virtuous cycle of product development, easier to adapt to today's large-scale mining machinery, automation and intelligent continuous and trends. Vipeak Heavy Industry has been established to supplement and improve the advantages of the application field of R & D base, began to crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, sand making machine such as milling machines, and innovative research as the main products , and has made great achievements. Vipeak Heavy Industry will continue to adhere to independent innovation, as companies across the opening to introduce the development of engines, mining machinery for the country contribute to the development.
The future of the country during the rapid development, the focus of innovation is to enhance the overall level of scientific development. "Twelve Five" period, Vipeak Heavy Industry will increase investments in technology, to promote sustainable development of enterprises. Through the integration of production, machinery manufacturing enterprises to improve our mining equipment manufacturing level, increase energy conservation efforts, strengthen production safety. To become a innovation-driven companies, a business can be sustainable, we must continue to conduct business model innovation, system innovation and management mechanisms.


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