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Highly automated machines to effectively improve the crushing chamber artificial sand gravel production

With the continuous development of science and technology progress, economic development for industrial automation have become increasingly demanding of operating techniques and lithotripsy devices are put forward new requirements, impact crusher (sand making machine) in the field of national economy play an increasingly important role. Sand is currently increasingly competitive, and highly automated, intelligent, multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of the mining equipment industry, more and more popular. Artificial sand production process, the finished product artificial sand quality is good or bad, directly affect the quality of concrete, so the design of artificial sand production process must be careful, according to the artificial sand and gravel sand washing powder in the dehydration and the loss of more sand washing machine, vipeak Heavy industry in the sand and the process, especially the use of VSI VSI series impact crusher (sand making machine) and ancillary equipment (jaw crusher, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, etc.), specializing in the production of artificial sand, the line has finished tablets Well, into the sand rate, adjustable fineness modulus, and low cost of production. To ensure the highest production of artificial sand under the premise, vipeak heavy industry but also other research and design a reliable sand recovery process, both to reduce the artificial sand production costs, but also improve the production and adjustment of artificial sand fineness modulus of artificial sand.
According vipeak heavy industry of artificial sand production process layout, the production of finished products from the three parts of sand by a certain percentage mixture. Three kinds of statistics for the distribution of sand production: screening building screen bottom sieve down stone chips accounted for 20% to 30%, rod mill products accounted for 20% sand 28%, vertical impact crusher (sand machine) sand production accounted for 40% to 45%. Three kinds of sand of fineness modulus statistics for, screening for the sand floor, the bottom of the stone chips 3.3-3; rod mill type crusher sand production is about 2.4 for the sand, pebble crusher sand production 2.7 2.9 for the coarse sand. vipeak heavy industry processing of three kinds of artificial sand production line process is a mixture of sand: sand the bottom of the first floor screening and impact crusher (sand making machine) to check the bottom sieve in the sand mixture, and then mixed with fine sand into the rod mill finished products warehouse stockpiling sand. Sand through the finished product to the warehouse to get the belt loading platform. Final test of fineness modulus of sand, particle size distribution and powder content were carried out in the yard loading platform, such as that fineness modulus, powder content is too large or too small, particle size distribution ratio of the deviation, and timely feedback to the production workshop, make adjustments, and combination.
In the artificial sand production line, sand making plays a key role in the VSI sand making machine is a kind of energy and materials efficient crushing equipment. Than the traditional Sand / Sand Making Machine 50% energy, is the world's advanced sand making equipment. The outstanding advantage is that the process of processing by the amount of material has been substantially improved. Degree of wear parts wear less than the same period, life has to a certain extent, has been greatly improved. VSI sand making machine as excellent low wear characteristics of the low, the device has a high abrasion and secondary crushing disintegration of production used. Meanwhile, in order to meet the needs of the majority of mineral owners and operators of sand and gravel requirements, Vipeak heavy industry machinery VSI Sand latest technology imported from Germany, and has a multi-project independent patent rights of the latest generation of products, three fragmentation models in one, crushing technology as a professional the perfect combination of manufacturing and mechanical model of the new technologies, new processes fully reflect.
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