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The works of tailings recovery disc machine

Tailings recovery disc machine works
Tailings recovery disc from the host machine, lack of mining equipment, set mine shafts, chutes, and rack of five parts. The working principle is the host disk installed in the chute, the slurry flows from the chute at one end, and the gap through the disk with the disk, the magnetic mineral slurry is adsorbed on the surface of the disk, and the remaining non-magnetic minerals mineral slurry flow from the other side of chute . Host drums rotating plate, adsorbed on the surface of the disk magnetic minerals taken out of the slurry liquid, when the discharge into the mine, by the gap between the disk and insert the rotating magnetic unloading device will set mine surface adsorption of magnetic mineral ore dumped into collection tanks , collected by the collection tank mine output.
The advantages of tailings recycling machines
1, the magnetic field layout: Disk pole spacing is small, non-zero between the disk and disk sectors.
2, unloading ore tailings recycling machines: a non-contact force unloading unloading ore mine, leaving a layer of powder to protect the disk surface layer, the disk surface without wear and tear, the whole life is 8-10 times the conventional type, but also to recover the magnetic minerals to improve taste.
3, tailings recycling machines handle large: This machine is specially designed for the tailings re-election, and its structure has to handle large flow, low-grade tailings characteristics of the existing magnetic drum machine or even several times the amount of processing ten times.
4, tailings recycling machines, high recovery rate: All the material through the disk are subject to the magnetic field between the role of drums full of mineral recovery, high recovery rate.
5, Water: Due to the unique field layout, magnetic minerals in the stomach with large amounts of water flow by removing mineral present state, basically, and do not add water or add a small amount of added water.
6, tailings recycling machines, saving: a normal disc tailings recycling other equipment at the amount of times a single or even ten times, only a few kilowatts of installed capacity, it is energy-saving effect is obvious.
7, easy installation: Disc tailings recycling machines to handle large, small footprint, access to material potential difference is small, where there is basically the end of chute can be installed.
8, high economic efficiency: small investment, high output efficiency, the effectiveness of annual investment in equipment is generally several times even 10 times.Article from:

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