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Mobile crusher has successfully entered the market-style

The quality and performance of mobile crusher is good or bad, is a measure of the strength of mobile crusher important basis. We use the steel materials are Shanghao manganese steel material, its quality is unquestionable, and we use Siemens or ABB motors are such international brands, to ensure that the mobile crusher powerful force.
Mobile crusher crusher and into the tire track mobile crushers, dating back more than 50 mobile crusher, mobile crusher tires reached more than 40 of its assembly technology requirements have been well aware of. Tracked mobile crusher to 11 mid-6 has also been tracked crusher units delivered to the user, and they praised after use. Mobile crusher has 16 units sold, and Africa, West Asia and South America, 2 crawler crusher also sold in the Middle East and Europe.
Mobile crusher is mainly used for the production of stone convenient, flexible production, and construction debris and broken open pit ore crushing and other special occasions. Mobile crusher broken mainly by the material into the equipment and transmission combinations, the overall complex structure, about Gong Ping dragon stone in the field of use, creating a national precedent for the application of mobile crusher, mobile crusher in stone production applications, mainly to solve the Yard equipment layout plans, moving descending segment, to avoid the artillery protection, blasting, digging and other technical problems with equipment for large hydropower, construction, mining and other projects in the mobile stone crusher broken economy, reliability and application provides a valuable experience.
Mobile crusher arranged in the slide wells, haul dump truck unloading into the mobile crusher, stone broken by direct discharge into the chute;
Mobile crusher arranged in the yard, dump truck to transport materials, stone by the semi-broken up by the mobile belt conveyor;
Mobile crusher arranged in the yard of surface mining, loading excavator directly to the material, after crushing the stone by the mobile belt conveyor and the subsequent semi-portable belt conveyor, belt conveyor fixed export semi-finished yard. Can best meet the needs of different customers. Zhengzhou vipeak broken according to different technical requirements form a "broken after the first screening," can form a "broken after the first screening" process, crushing combination in accordance with the actual needs of crushing, crushing two screening systems can also be combined into coarse three sections in the fine screening system with high flexibility. In the application of mobile crusher when blasting, blasting mining yard yard design and exploitation of common blasting design is basically the same. Note that to avoid the blast flying stone damage to the mobile crushers, blasting heavy volume as large as possible to reduce the mobile crusher to avoid the gun shift frequency.
Mobile crusher puts its feeder into the hopper, crusher, built-in tape drive, drive and control systems installed in institutions such as mobile devices formed on the chassis. As the mobile crusher in the stope by stope layout of the terrain, blasting, mining area, digging installed equipment, conditions subsequent conveying the impact of a variety of layout.

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