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Crushers' need increase for high iron construction

In March 2010, deputy minister of railway, WangZhiGuo when accepting a reporter to interview is said: high speed railway development planning in China in 2004, is approved by the state council to determine the long-term rail network planning ". "Planning" proposes, by 2020, the national railways reached 10 million kilometers, the construction of passenger dedicated line 1.2 million kilometers above. In 2008, the state council according to China's integrated transportation system of the needs of the construction of the rail network planning, medium and long term of the adjustment, confirm by 2020, the national railways up to 12 million kilometers above, the construction of passenger dedicated line more than 1.6 million kilometers.
The construction of high iron great-leap-forward development will also push for engineering mechanical crusher market growth. For example, with sand equipment railway construction need a lot of impact and concrete aggregate, and sand aggregate and concrete aggregate demand is higher granule shape. Therefore, the quality of sand equipment, such as: impact crusher, pressure-blasting machine back crusher, cone crusher etc market demand is very strong.
As a professional commitment to r&d and manufacturing highway and high-speed railway equipment with sand mining machinery manufacturer Vipeak Heavy industry machinery could produce all kinds of sand equipment, such as: jaw, impactor, cone crusher, VSI impact crusher (new system sand machine), mobile crushing etc, and vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, washing machine equipment widely used sand on highways and high-speed railway construction, is the national infrastructure indispensable equipment.
Zhengzhou vipeak production impact crusher (manufacture pressure-blasting machine) is widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, bauxite clinker, emery, glass raw material is hard, very hard material contour and the smaller fields of. Can be widely applied to water and electricity, roads, construction, cement, metal mining industries, finely homework impact crusher (pressure-blasting machine) products of grain shape is the cube, needle flake content is low, the mechanism of the building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag broken is universally use, impact crusher (manufacture pressure-blasting machine) compared with other types of crusher production with high efficiency. With stable and reliable system, convenient maintenance, sand ratio higher yield.
The market demand is as high as machine innovative power and the foundation. Rich technical precipitation and the new technology application, make our products in the technology content, technical performance, reliability and use maintenance costs are all in a leading level; With the increasingly expanding market demand, quality, service, innovation, pragmatism of gundam machine looking forward to the world new old customer choice, and always be ready to provide you with the most zealous service for you design the most concise the most practical process scheme.

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