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The correct operation steps of VSI crusher

Good operational practice for compression crushers, ensure that: 
1 the Vsi crusher is correctly specified, including capacity, stroke and crusher cavity; 
2 product volumes and gradings are monitored throughout the life of the crusher
3 feed material is the correct size for the feed opening, well-graded and free of fines; 
4 feed and volume are sufficient to maintain chole-feeding, even when feed is intermittent ; 
5 feed distribution is consistent to ensure an even loading on the crusher
6 stone crusher liners are correctly specified to ensure even wear and reduce packing; 
7 rock crusher setting is maintained to maximise product and balance total crusher loading.
Poor operational practice.Do not: 
1 trickle feed, as this may lead to product flakiness and high, uneven wear; 
2 reduce the amount of oversize material in the feed; 
3 feed undersize as this may lead to uneven wear and packing; 
4 assume constant throughput and product grading, as feed and crusher settings may vary.
Maintenance. Monitor: 
5 crusher-drive motor loads, high amps may indicate mechanical or crusher liner problems; 
6 crusher run down times, shorter times may give early warning of mechanical problems; 
7 cooling water temperature and oil pressure/ flow/ temperature; 
8 manganese spread; action may be required to avoid overstressing of machine frame or fouling of static members



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