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How does cone crusher work

In a Cone Crusher the rock material is crushed between rigid surfaces. The motion of the moving surface is freelance of the loading of the crusher, thus the explored comminution principle isā€˜form-conditionedā€™compressive crushing. The crushing action is achieved by an eccentric gyratory movement of the most shaft axis, as shown in figure one. Particles are nipped, compressed and crushed between the mantle and also the concave. Breakage of particles are often each single particle (particles are broken between cone and mantle) and interparticle (between different particles). The mantle and also the concave should get replaced frequently as they're subjected to continuous wear.
Crushing takes place continuously and is interparticle to a good extent. Interparticle crushing is achieved when a particle is stressed and broken between different particles. this sort of breakage is fascinating from the purpose of read of wear and tear and repair life, and is additionally thought-about to grant the most effective particle form. to attain interparticle breakage choke-fed conditions are normally suggested. Choke-fed conditions imply that the inlet of the crusher is roofed with feed material, that is then fed into the crusher below the influence of gravity. the gap between the mantle and also the concave at the outlet of the crushing chamber is named the closed-side setting when the mantle is in its closed position.

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