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To promote the performance of CS series cone crusher

In order to promote the performance of CS series cone crusher,we should follow the methods below:

Uniform production

The CS Series' rotating bowl compensates for feed segregation or uneven feed rates, and permits operation of the crusher in a non-choke fed condition. Even wear in the crushing cavity avoids localized restriction of the feed opening, maintains a uniform crusher setting, and achieves consistent size reduction. The hydraulic motor and gear drive adjustment provides finer control of the setting: the setting can be easily adjustec under load to compensate for liner wear without turning off the feed.

High availability

The fully automated hydraulic tramp release passes uncrushables instantaneously. The release system maintains the crushing force and automatically returns the crusher to its production setting after a tramp occurrence. A more reliable automated tramp release is not found on any other crusher. The crusher's availability is further enhanced by its hydraulic clearing system. Its large vertical stroke allows material to fall easily. And the large release and clearing stroke capability remains the same throughout liner life. Hydraulic rotation of the bowl provides additional cav- ity clearing, if needed.

Ease of operation

Push-button controls help make the CS1000 and CS800 easy to operate. The hydraulic motor permits setting adjustments in small increments to compensate for wear. Adjustments can also be made remotely via a control system. In addition, new"force"ser sors pioneered by Vipeak indicate that safe operation continues after setting adjustment is initiated either by the operator or expert system.

Simple maintenance

The CS Series features push button disassembly for routine maintenance. If necessary, modular components can be easily replaced. Durable bronze bushings are used throughout the crushers, ensuring superior load capability in the demanding crushing environment. Proven 'wedge' retention of the bowl liner provides a secure and simple method of retaining the liner. It also allows for easy and efficient liner replacement.Aticle from:

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