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Mobile Crusher:New-type Waste Disposal Equipment

Yesterday I read a report like this: every evening the river management will begin to work at 10 o’clock near to a village of Huangpu District. It affects seriously the life of nearby residents. According to the villagers, truck after truck carries construction wastes which include reinforced concrete, large rocks, and cement blocks to riverside. Many people are waked up from a deep sleep when the trucks are working. However, that’s not enough. Next, a bulldozer begins to operate. Its task is to leave off this construction wastes. In this way, they work until daybreak.

The construction of embankment is a good thing for the country and demos. It can not only withstand the flood, but also bring a scenic spot for the city. However, in order to build the embankment, they affect the people's rest. What's more, the construction materials of embankment are indeed too casual.

Every year there will be billions of construction wastes produced in China. If they always dispose the wastes by this way, it will have a negative impact. With the scientific and technological progress, the raising awareness of people, construction wastes have applied as a new type of construction materials. Many municipal builders have already put into practice. In the field of construction waste disposal, Xuchang City is at the forefront. They introduce disposal equipment of the construction waste. The construction wastes become the equality feeder by the mobile crusher, and apply to many ways as new type of construction materials. The disposal equipments of construction wastes of Vipeak Machinery plough into use in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The steel bar in the construction wastes is eliminated by the Magnetic Separator through the product line of construction waste disposal, and produces artificial aggregate in line with national standards .These artificial aggregate is disposed by the brickmaking equipment. Meanwhile they will produce a series of building materials, just like colorful pro-environment bricks. These aggregate can turn into high quality concrete through the disposal of mixing plant. Then we can use it to pour the riverbank. That is the genuine riverbank.


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