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Mobile crushing plant professional handling of old material of construction waste becomes a new brick

Recently, reporter reportedly the Qili Qucun the demolition site visits, far to see an approximately 12-meter-high machine "giant", the mighty stands on the site. A few forklifts are past men working, masonry rubble filled out and sent to the giant machine into the hopper.
Front of this "giant", "mobile construction waste handling equipment, it is the general term for the mobile crusher mobile jaw crusher, mobile crusher and mobile screening machine three large-scale machinery, about an hour can "chewing" digest 200 tons of construction waste.
According to the technical personnel at the scene, construction debris into the hopper of the machine, accept once crushed into fragments less than 80 mm in diameter, and then pick out which pieces of metal through the magnetic separation equipment; followed secondary smash, fragments narrowed to less than 40 mm in diameter, and finally to the mobile screening machine, sieving out the three substances are the backfill of less than 10 mm in diameter, 20-40 mm, diameter 10 mm to 20 mm of fine aggregate and diameter between the coarse aggregate, three crawler heard.
Screening from construction waste material each have their own purposes. Technical personnel, fine aggregate can be made of solid bricks, curbs and other green recycled building materials; coarse aggregate can be used as the basis of laying on the ground material; backfill can be applied directly to the moving - back construction. In addition to the crushing and screening, construction waste generated by the demolition of the future can be locally processed into bricks. Reporters learned from the Changping District, Municipal Committee, a Vipeak introduction of movable brick-making equipment with efficient processes and equipment moved to a demolition site. Vipeak Heavy Industry production of mobile crushing plant mobile screening stations to produce coarse and fine aggregate, you can site brick-making.
Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery specializing in the production of mobile crushing station series of products cover all kinds of jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, construction of waste treatment equipment and screening equipment. Maximum capacity of the crusher to be of 500t / h, as well as new products are constantly developed. This series of product design has many features, can not only improve efficiency, improve the quality of finished products, and can reduce the cost. For example, the toggle plate of jaw crusher is up to support the unique full-time driver "so that the broken start earlier, the material is a broken hammering the material more fully into the crushing chamber, so the production is more finished shape better, the balance of jaw body wear, longer life. Crusher optimized cavity geometry, the feed inlet to directly face the rotor, crushing chamber is large, can accommodate large, there is sufficient space for the rocks and stones collide with each other, the production capacity higher, and the location of the two counter plate and the angle of the hydraulic control to adjust, easy to use. The screening machine sieving box to imitate the banana shape design, materials, top-down movement, a more thorough screening.Source:

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