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Artificial sand making machine cleaning programs and precautions


In use for some period of time, there will be some sort of dirt in artificial sand making machine body. These dirt not only produce some damage to the machine itself, but will also greatly reduce the efficiency of our production.In order to better improve production efficiency, artificial sand making machine should be cleaned regularly.We do not want to stopped abruptly when the machine working, so we have to take preventive measures. How to maintain and care it? The excessive accumulation of dirt will hinder the operation of the machine and cooling shall be promptly cleaned up. There are several clean-up methods as follow:

There are a variety of sand cleaning methods to choose and the commonly used for artificial sand making machines:
(1) Cycle method.hat is with a pump to force the cleaning fluid circulating sand flowing through the device;
(2) Batch method. Filled with cleaning liquid for the first heating equipment, after some time, the release portion, this portion of the solution and then re-poured, so repeatedly;
(3) Perfusion. The cleaning liquid poured into the heat exchanger and then released completely after standing for some time. Which method of cleaning artificial sand making machine should be based on the type of equipment Sand, dirt and fouling nature of the product. Therefore, in addition to learn before washing heat exchanger type, structure and geometry and dimensions, but also focus on understanding the types and scaling fouling layer level, in order to configure the proper cleaning fluid. cleaning fluid configurations present although some formulas, but should still be on-site test, the scale of a representative sample collected for analysis and for the dissolution test, the solubility is obtained, and then decide Sand solvent species used, the dose and the cleaning time.

Cleaning of Mining machinery containing artificial sand making machine divide into pickling and caustic cleaning.
1. Pickling.Put roughly twenty percent hydrochloric acid solution into mechanical dirt place, parked roughly ten minutes after the re-cleaning fluid flush wash. Note that this solution configuration, it should be hydrochloric acid solution is poured into water and keep stirring constantly, Do not put water into hydrochloric acid.
2. Caustic. We must first start the generator, the water in the 20 kg plus 1.5 kg and 0.5 kg of caustic soda kerosene, cleaning fluid injected into the dirt configured to place, constantly cleaning with a cleaning rod is lye dissolved dirt, and finally with water streaks.
Either acid or lye, there are some corrosion on the metal. Therefore must grasp the composition ratio of the cleaning solution and cleaning duration.

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