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Fully developed sand production line to achieve optimum level


At present, under the policy of stimulating domestic demand and the revitalization of national infrastructure, signaling gravel sand production line equipment industry has a huge potential for development, which will provide gravel production line equipment industry, the rapid growth of developing vast space. In order to better play the potential for sand production line equipment industry, providing customers more satisfied with the product, Vipeak machinery adhere to the "efficiency, communication, careful, persistent" concept,producing advanced gravel production line equipment. Complete set of sand  production line including: vibration feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, etc., which have adopted world-class manufacturing technology, use gravel production line top-end research and development from production of materials. Artificial sand making machine plays a key role in the sand production line.

Good quality sand making requires specialized technology to support, otherwise, it is "a throwaway." Vipeak Heavy Industries specializes in producing crusher, sand making equipment, and provide professional technology and perfect after-sales service. Vipeak believes that at the current level of sand production line technology developed, the majority of enterprises has reached semi-automatic, and even fully automated point, which technical knowledge mainly for sand making machine, sand making equipment, operating procedures, precautions, system maintenance of sand maker and so on. Vipeak concluded many years of experience that before the sand production line begin, you need to do the following work:
1. The electric motor or internal combustion engine parts operate according to general rules of the relevant regulations.
2. Before the start of crushing cavity must first be clear stones, debris, check the gravel board or hammer, impact hammer, impact plate, lining wear, and replace if necessary.
3. Check the protection device is intact,and the support is solid and reliable.
4. Equipped with oil pump sand making machine, to check the adequacy of lubricating oil tank, pump and lubrication system is working properly.
5. The sand maker with a cooling device should be pre-open recirculating cooling water valves.
6. Multiple joint operations gravel sand process of screening, cleaning, belt conveying device, according to the boot sequence specified sand making and ancillary equipment, and check whether the system is operating normal.

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