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The repair details of Cone crusher-Vipeak Mobile Crusher

Vipeak Tell you that:Maintenance cycle will be determined according to the actual condition of equipment to develop.
Minor repairs cycle every half a month to a month time, its contents include:
(1) check bowl shape tile;
(2) check taper sleeve and straight sets of wear and check the gap.
(3) to examine tapered gears mesh clearance;
(4) check transmission bearings clearance;
(5) check hydraulic device (such as this didn't have hydraulic device) and lubrication device or oil changing;
(6) the major parts cleaning.
Long cycle about 4 ~ 6 months time, its main contents include:
(1) change lining board;
(2) repair or replace eccentric bushings, taper sleeve and straight sets;
(3) repair or replace bowl shape watts and dustproof device;
(4) repair or replace tapered gear, the drive shaft, and bearings;
(5) repair adjusting loop and supporting set of thread;
(6) project to prepare all inspection and handling;
(7) decomposition motor, blowing dust removal and check each bearing clearance; Decomposition, cleaning and processing the oil switch defects, Each electrical adjustment and testing; Inspection and repair panel and other cable, etc.
Overhaul about four years or according to the actual situation of the decision. Its contents include:
(1) repair or replace frame and relevant problems of basic parts;
(2) for all inspection and repair the project processing, as well as technical reform;
(3) change motor stator coil (according to preventive testing decided) and leaching lacquer;

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