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Analysis of particle size distribution of the crusher design

Impact crusher product size distribution of the main factors affecting the size distribution of feed, spindle speed and feed rate. In the feed size distribution to determine the circumstances, the basic parameters are the major products with the spindle speed and feed rate of change, therefore, necessary to affect the product particle size distribution analysis of the factors to identify the most important influence factors, the actual production provide the basis for operational control.

Orthogonal experimental design in scientific research and actual production has practical value of an experimental design approach, typically used for multi-factor experimental conditions of study, based on the number of experimental factors and the level of each factor the number, select the appropriate orthogonal to arrange experiments, the use of mathematical statistics approach to data, you can easily find too many factors for the experimental index has a significant influence of the main factors to determine the optimal experimental factor level indicators. Therefore, this article first orthogonal experimental method to determine the impact of particle size distribution of the main factors in order to facilitate the practical operation of the control.More information:

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