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Crusher efficiency by those factors

Crusher efficiency by those factors
At present, China crusher market a wide range of manufacturing industries, including chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass and other industries. China's most important application in the field of cement industry, paving and mining.
Zhengzhou vipeak crusher production of uniform size, long life, the prospects for the development of China's crushing machine is good: cement roads and other infrastructure development must pull crusher industry growth; crusher replacement a matter of time problems; western development led to a large demand for crushers. As countries continue to expand domestic demand, increase the pace of infrastructure construction, which led to the crusher industry to flourish, because it is the source of all raw materials, not the kind of crusher can imagine how productive is not dare compliment.
Efficiency crusher crusher users believe is a very important aspect, affect the efficiency of crushing machines What are the factors it?
The following Vipeak Heavy Industry crusher really do to interpret the nature of the material, I hope to give you help.
1, the crusher to be crushed in the composition of the material, crushing the material in front of more and more with the impact of broken powder, as these affect the adhesion of powder is easy to transport. For the fine powder content and should advance once sieve.
2, the crusher, the material viscosity. The material viscosity, the more easily adhere.
3, broken equipment, broken pieces of crushing capacity of greater wear resistance, the better, if you do not wear, will affect the crushing capacity.
4, the crusher the material hardness. The more rigid the material broken up more difficult, and crusher equipment for the more serious wear and tear. Broken slowly, of course, crushing capacity is small.
5, crusher, material humidity, when the material containing the water is high, the contents of the material in the crusher is easy adhesion, but also easy to transport material during the next block, resulting in crushing capacity decreases.
6, after the material crusher, the fineness, high fineness, which requires breaking out the finer material, the crushing capacity is smaller.
Mining machinery manufacturers Vipeak heavy industry production of crusher equipment, including: impact crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, etc., of which China's mining machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in recent years. China's increasing demand for machine-made sand on the crusher demand also increases.

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