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2011 basalt gravel plants, stones factory analysis of investment prospects

    Basalt is a mafic extrusive rock, by the volcanic eruption of magma solidification after cooling the surface of a dense foam-like or rock-like structure, are igneous rocks. The rock structure often with a pore-like, almond-shaped structure and porphyritic texture, sometimes with large mineral crystals, weathered basalt is not the main black and gray, but also dark brown, dark purple and gray-green.
Basalt is the repair of roads, railways, airport runways used the best materials of stone, with strong compression, crushing the value of low, corrosion resistance, adhesion of asphalt basalt stone, basalt stone with wear, less draft, poor conductivity, compressive strength, crushing the value of low, corrosion resistance, adhesion of asphalt, etc., and is internationally recognized, is the development of rail transport and road transport the best foundation.
By the policy of expanding domestic demand driven, local roads, railways and other infrastructure investment is increasing, the effective implementation of major projects, an urgent need for a large number of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate supply. But in order to protect the ecological balance, the State expressly prohibited without the excavation of natural sand, gravel supply fell far short of demand, which requires a lot of artificial sand. The need to build the road along the gravel aggregate base to ensure adequate supply of construction, sand and gravel aggregate in the production, mainly by sand and stone equipment, production equipment, raw materials are granite, limestone, basalt, pebbles and other certain hardness stone, through feeder, jaw-breaking, back breaking, sand making machine, vibrating screen and a series of crushing and screening equipment into the desired level.
Artificial sand and put into use, for ease of construction in stone shortage problem has been a great help, to become the backbone of the project stone production.
Basalt sand production line, and basalt stone production line is a production of sand and stone used in construction of special equipment, widely used mechanism for the automated production of sand. Sand energy than traditional about fifty to sixty percent of the sand production line is widely used stones factory, mine, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry until the department.
Basalt's special structure makes it in many industries have different uses and status, use of a wide range and specificity, the decision will be flourishing basalt investment prospects. (Vipeak finishing Heavy Machinery Network, please indicate!)

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