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Concentrator material crushing dust system settings

Concentrator ore crushing process, due to crushing, screening, transfer belt, the whereabouts of other materials, will kick up some dust. And because the ore generally contains a high percentage of silica, known as silicon, which are bound to dust containing silica. So harmful, so the dust concentrator system, the establishment is necessary. Common methods of dust:
① watering dust. In the concentrator, the most common dust control measures are watering. Because the concentrator in the operation after the most crushing wet operation, the operation will not affect the back, the water supply is not a big problem. However, to ensure the crusher, ball mill, sieving equipment and ore storage and for the normal operation, the ore in the water can not be too large, generally less than 5% is appropriate. Most of the concentrator from the practice point of view, this is sufficient and effective dust and humidity, greatly reducing the number of dust removal equipment, installation, reduce operating load. Process and equipment according to site conditions, this measure can be started from the first crushing operations, and gradually increase the mineral water; can also start from the appropriate site.
② closed dust. Serious equipment for dust, sealing measures can be taken, the dust control in less space, two small repair work, people without regular access to the range, coupled with the dust removal equipment, can effectively prevent dust. This method is more suitable the site are: vibrating screen, crusher and so on. Of course, the closure is necessary for removal. There is no effective closed, dust removal equipment can not function well. As the dust enclosed the necessary measures, we will be described later.
③ other measures. Control the belt material leakage during transport caused by dust pollution, which is by strengthening the belt cleaning after discharge can be improved, such as the belt cleaning device, able to do so you can wash the belt.

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