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Fine-grained Crusher-vipeak Mobile Crusher plant

Fine-grained crusher working principle:
Fine-grained impact crusher is the use of pure principle of special materials broken. Falling from the mouth feed material is high-speed rotation of the hammer blow to the tooth broken plate, then bounced to the plate has been broken hammer, the material in the crushing chamber so repeated shocks, and collisions with each other in the process of bouncing, is a step by step crushed. Meet the design size, the fine crusher from the bottom of the discharge port. The particle size can be freely adjusted regulatory agencies.
Crusher features fine-graine

A uniform particle size, too crushing, high efficiency, low energy consumption, reversible, bi-directional rotor can rotate, hammer and wear uniform symmetry broken plate design, equipment installation to improve the degree of freedom, on both sides of the crusher body can be driven by the hydraulic system open to open, so that replacement of wearing parts more convenient, time-saving, easy maintenance overhaul. The lower part of the body is no sieve, less prone to clogging.
Fine-grained models Crusher
Types of fine-grained models have crusher hammer crusher, crushing machine reversible, a great choice to meet the requirements of various size.More info:

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